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TwinCAT 2 NC I
PC hardware
Operating systems
Runtime system
Number of axes
Axis types
Interpreter functions
Geometry functions
Axis functions
I/O system
standard PC/IPC hardware, no extras
version-dependent: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista, Windows 7/10, Windows CE
Beckhoff real-time kernel (only 32-bit operating systems, only one core is used)
NC interpolation, including TwinCAT NC PTP and PLC
max. 3 axes and up to 5 auxiliary axes per group, 1 group per channel, max. 31 channels
electrical servo-axes, stepper motor drives
subroutines and jumps, programmable loops, zero shifts, tool compensations, M and H functions
straight lines and circular paths in 3-D space, circular paths in all main planes, helixes with base circles in all main planes, linear, circular, helical interpola tion in the main planes and freely definable planes, Bezier splines, look-ahead function
online reconfiguration of axes in groups, path override, slave coupling to path axes, auxiliary axes, axis error and sag compensation, measuring functions
DIN 66025 programs for NC interpolation, access via function blocks for TwinCAT PLC according to IEC 61131-3
automatic operation, manual operation (jog/inching), single block operation, referencing, handwheel operation (motion/superposition)
online monitoring in the TwinCAT System Manager with the following displays: present set/actual positions (following errors of all axes), NC program line presently being executed, NC program line presently being interpreted, channel status
EtherCAT, Lightbus, PROFIBUS DP/MC, Interbus, CANopen, DeviceNet, SERCOS, Ethernet
variable access via OPC, Beckhoff ADS OCX/DLL (Automation Device Specification)