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CP39xx Parameters
Transmission technology
Power supply
Operating temperature
11.6-inch display 1366 x 768 Display only, Multi-finger touch screen with DVI/USB Extended
aluminium housing with glass front, protection class IP 65
multi-finger touch screen – multi-finger touch screen driver for Windows 7 – single-finger touch screen driver for Windows XP and Windows CE 6
integrated DVI/USB extension technology – DVI-E and USB-E 2.0 enable remote panel operation at a distance of up to 50 m from the PC. – USB-E 2.0 transmits USB 2.0 with 480 Mbit/s. – DVI-E input is compatible to the standard DVI output of a PC.
connection via 3 round connectors (IP 65) for DVI, USB-E 2.0 and 24 V power supply unit in the backplane
24 V power supply
0…55 °C
For mounting four M6 tapped holes at a distance of 100 x 100 mm in the connection block on the rear wall. The plug connectors for connecting the Control Panel are plugged into the connection block from underneath.